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As wilderness disappears and rivers die, do you feel like a little part of yourself is somehow disappearing with them? Do issues like global warming and the war on terror frighten you more than you let on?


Why is an apparently clever global civilisation destroying itself, yet doesn't know how to stop? 9/11 was clearly a false flag operation run by the same people that are legislating our rights and freedoms away because of 9/11. Meanwhile, corporations seem to be dictating global policies to our "democratic' governments. What's going on?


Globalisation is nothing more than the end game of the Western worldview. Western civilisation was specifically designed so that a tiny, secret elite could control the civilisation while the citizens imagined they were living in a free, democratic society. Sound familiar? Plato's 2000 year old design for the "True, Divinely ordered" civilisation was a contrived plan based upon enslaving the population. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is actually called philosophy and law.


Eve of the Apocalypse tracks Plato's reality lie from its origins in Plato's manifesto called

The Republic, down through history until the present day. Plato's lie has a name. Plato called it "Truth". Eve of the Apocalypse exposes the hidden error in Western civilisation, which explains the present world situation clearly. To see the lie is to become free from the lie.


If you would like to understand better what is happening worldwide and in your own world, then the book Eve of the Apocalypse is for you. Eve of the Apocalypse answers the questions that you never dared to ask, and which you didn't think had answers.


To set your life free, read Eve of the Apocalypse.


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