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Michael Bond was born in Australia on Bastille Day, July 14th 1954. The picture shows Michael at Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park, Australia. He began travelling Australia alone at age 14 and has continued to travel regularly since.

Michael lived on an idyllic forest property for over 15 years in a 2-storey cottage he built from recycled materials. He raised his 2 daughters there. His interests range from the extremely scientific to the artistic and philosophical. He has studied and worked in a number of varied fields and ran his own businesses for many years.
For over 30 years Michael has done extensive research and study on multinational companies and globalisation with special regard to their impact upon the environment and social wellbeing. When in 1993 Michael awoke to a silent Spring at his forest home in the hills of  Australia, it changed him. The birds and wildflowers that had announced Spring for so many years did not come and acid rain began killing the native bushland around his home. The frogs disappeared and local horses got sunburnt for the first time ever.

Michael is now committed to resisting the forces that are creating unsustainable environmental damage and social hardship in the world today. He does this partly by writing and lecturing about the root source of these current global problems and about the realistic answers that can solve them.


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