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Eve of the Apocalypse is about understanding life in the 21st century. It covers many bold and fascinating topics in easy to read and often humorous language. The book specifically covers many topics that are pressing upon many people's minds and hearts in the present day. Most importantly, Eve lays out a path towards a better understanding of your self and your place in the present global environment.


It examines the thinking system, or worldview, which Western culture was founded upon and which it still follows today in its ideas of reality, justice and the truth. A dishonest and fraudulent politician called Plato designed Western reality in his book The Republic, also known as Polis. Eve of the Apocalypse exposes the fundamental lie in Plato's rational design for Western civilisation. By doing so it becomes clear why the Western led world is in such a mess today. Globalisation is little more than the end game of Western civilisationís original, but dishonest, design that was written out 2400 years ago in ancient Greece. The present global civilisation does not know how to change its damaging practises, but rather seeks new and riskier ways to increase its destruction in order to save itself.


Eve of the Apocalypse takes a tour through Western culture, explaining the view along the way and pointing out dangerous illusions step by step. It exposes the lie upon which Western thinking was founded, revealing a blind spot in Western thinking. By understanding the flaw in Western thinking, the antidote becomes self-apparent.

In later chapters Eve takes a tour through the Real World - outside of Western cultureís disempowering viewpoint. Reality is not as scary or meaningless as we are regularly led to believe. It is quite exciting actually. Each of us has a life locked away inside that simply needs to be let out of its cage. We do not have to save the world. We only have to save ourselves by finding our real place in the real world. After that, nothing else is really much of a problem.

Eve does not just expose the problem, it also presents the solution.  The book Eve of the Apocalypse answers the questions you never dared to ask, and which you didn't think had answers.


To set your life free, read Eve of the Apocalypse.


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