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Eve of the Apocalypse
By Michael Bond

Published 2000

The Oracle Press

412 pages

ISBN 1 876494 41 7


Part 1   The Rational World   (Chapters 1 – 7)

The first section looks at the effects of Western thinking on society and the environment. It then goes back to the beginnings of Western thinking in 400BC. Western civilization began in the mind of a dishonest politician named Plato. Plato defined a new way to view reality, which included a new 'rational' way to understand Nature.

Plato’s views defined the blueprint for Western thinking right up to the present day. But Plato inserted an error into his new worldview and the error explains why modern Western Civilization is very clever, yet is destroying itself and cannot find the answers it needs.

Plato’s error is also looked at in terms of the effect it has on people. The rational Western worldview was specifically designed to leave people feeling frightened, self-doubting and easy to manipulate by deceitful authorities.

Part 2   The Real World   (Chapters 8 – 11)

The first seven chapters dealt with the frightening perception of the world that  the Western worldview promotes. These five chapters focus upon the realities of the real world, seen from outside of the rational Western world. The real world is a fascinating and beautiful place, where confusion is effortlessly brushed aside. In the real world it is only possible to have a good life.


Part 3   The New World   (Chapter 12)

The final chapter is the capstone to the earlier ones. It will probably shake your world, and hopefully shake you out of it into a better, more real world.
Suddenly the world and your life look a whole lot more interesting.


Eve of the Apocalypse is easy reading, entertaining and full of vital information about understanding your place in the present globalized world.
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